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HT lacrosse defeats Homewood and advances to next level of playoffs


HT lacrosse defeats Homewood and advances to next level of playoffs

HT lacrosse defeats Homewood and advances to next level of playoffs

By Shaun Szkolnik, sports editor

TRUSSVILLE – It was a high energy matchup as Hewitt-Trussville lacrosse took on Homewood for the first round of the playoffs Sunday, May 5.

The teams met up at the Trussville athletic complex with both groups of athletes playing their hearts out, but there can only be one winner and thanks to superior play in both offense and defense that winner was the Huskies by a score of 15-5.

“15 goals are pretty good,” said Head Coach Tom McCormick, “I think that is the second or third highest we’ve scored all year long. We had six girls score goals. That is pretty good considering we have 20 on our team and probably eight or ten only play defense. Two girls had the hat trick, and one girl had six. That is pretty good distribution.”

Every time the ball hits the ground in lacrosse each team has the opportunity to pick it up and make for the goal. The Huskies dominated in groundballs which, in part, accounts for their big win.

“The best thing right here was groundballs,” said McCormick. “That is why we beat them. We had 24 ground balls. That is usually how you win.”

The Huskies were also able to dominate in possession time of the ball through capitalizing on most of the draws.

“We probably one 70-80 percent of the draws and 70-80 percent of the ground balls,” said McCormick. “That is why we one the game. The offense played well, and the defense played really well. We held them to five goals for 50 minutes of lacrosse. That is really, really good.”

The top scorers in the game were:

  • Sophie Wilks: 3 goals
  • Ella Weissgerber: 3 goals
  • Lily McCormick: 6 goals

Lily McCormick and Savanah Martin both had an assist.

“We only allowed ten shots for the entire day, and they scored five goals,” said McCormick. “So, that is pretty outstanding.”

The Huskies advance to the next round of the playoffs and will play Auburn at Auburn starting at 6:30 p.m.

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