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Trussville native shares the power of positivity through a podcast


Trussville native shares the power of positivity through a podcast

Trussville native shares the power of positivity through a podcast

By Shaun Szkolnik

For The Tribune

GULF BREEZE, Fla — These days it is fairly easy to get discouraged at all the negative there is in the world. That is why it is good to, whenever possible, focus on the positive. As it happens Trussville native David Clark has created a podcast to help with that very thing.

“The podcast is basically about positive mindset & ways to help not only stay positive but how to recover from negative situations in your life more quickly.” Said Clark. “I created the idea of the show around September of last year and sat on it for basically a year (2017). I had been a fan of Jon Gordon and read books by Grant Cardone and posted stuff on my personal accounts about positivity for years, I posted those things because it made me feel good and it was a good place to store some my thoughts. I was doing all of that for me, no one else’s benefit really but never thought about doing a podcast until I had gone through some pretty devastating personal stuff and, while I sorted through it all, I created the idea.”

Inspiration for the podcast came from another place as well.

“But while I was trying to get over it all I started to get back into the Bible more reading daily devotionals on the Bible app and I ran across a verse that really struck me.” Said Clark.

That verse was Hebrews 3:13. Which is a verse that exhorts Christians to encourage one another each day.

“So, even though there isn’t a huge Christian overtone to the podcast, it is the main inspiration behind it.” Said Clark.

Clark is also hopeful that the podcast may speak to those that need a little inspiration in putting themselves out there.

“The other reason I’m doing it is to inspire others through my actions, I’m naturally an introvert, and if others can see me doing this, I hope it inspires others to take a risk and try something outside their comfort zone.”

Although this is Clark’s first foray into the world of podcasting, the feedback has been very positive.

“The response has been good!” Said Clark. “I’ve had lots of people reach out and tell me they’ve listened and like it. I’m only about 3 episodes deep right now, but I am trying to make time to do one every couple week. I’ve has over 250 downloads so far which is more than I ever imagined. I’ve also got other friends who I am going to have on that are leadership coaches, business coaches, sports psychologist, and sales trainers.”

For now Clark is more concerned with getting a positive message to the listeners he has rather than massively expanding the audience.

“The goal is just to help people find ways to recover from negative situations in their life faster, help people stay in a positive mindset, inspire others to take risks.” Said Clark. “I have no listenership goals or anything like that. The next episode that I’m working on is about setting goals and the positive influence that having a goal can have, and how to work through setting and staying with your goal. It should be out hopefully next week.”

Clark records his podcast from his home in Gulf Breeze, Fla. It can be found on Apple podcasts.

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